Time-Lapse Photography

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Time-Lapse Photography

Time-Lapse photography is a technique where individual frames of a sequence are captured at a much slower rate than video.

When sped up to normal video frame rates, they create the effect of extremely high speed motion or time.

Time Lapse Photography is particularly useful in showing events, activities, or processes that would normally take place over long periods of time. When displayed using time-lapse, these events can be shown in whole in a short video.

Why use Time-Lapse?

Many business activities happen over long periods of time. To capture and display these as normal video would be quite boring.

For example; the building of a stage set could take many hours (or days). Time-lapse photography would be able to capture all the activity, and compress it down into a simple 30 – 60 second video. Customers are then kept entertained with a short, punchy video whilst being able see all the hard work and effort that is involved.

Time-lapse photography is great for;

    • Event management companies wanting to show the build and setup of their events.
    • Construction companies displaying the development of a project over an extended period of time.
    • Tradesman businesses showing the completion of a section of their work.
    • Public events showing the movement and flow of people.
    • Industrial manufacturing to help clients get an quick overview of processes.
    • Logistics and transport showing the movement of goods.
    • Any business where actions or activities happen over longer periods of time (anything from an hour to many days).
    • Creative advertising.

What are the Options?

Time-lapse videos can be created with a similar range of options to standard video.

The most simple are single sequences captured over a period of time. More involved videos can be created by shooting multiple sequences and cutting them together, similar to a short movie or TV advert.


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