Small Business Specials

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Small Business Photography Specials

Marketing Plans & Business Cashflow

As a Small Business ourselves, we understand how important it is to have marketing which works for you in the most effective manner. A good marketing plan is essential for bringing in new customers, and keeping existing customers informed. High quality marketing and sales materials are essential for the delivery of the desired outcomes of your plan.

We also understand how difficult it can be at times to manage your business cashflow. Large intermittent payments, or unexpected one-offs can cause serious disruption to the running of day to day accounts. Anything which allows you to reduce the one-off payments, and plan outgoings in advance is a great benefit.

How can we help?

To assist in both of these areas, Benjamin Townsend Photography offers special payment plans to Small Business. Allowing businesses to properly and fully develop their marketing programs and support materials is essential for ongoing success. Offering some cash flow relief by reducing  the size of individual payments provides an easy way to do this.

In order to reap the benefits of our offer, there are a few conditions your business must meet.

Does your small business have;

  • less than 20 employees?
  • the desire to gain more customers through effective marketing or advertising campaigns?
  • the drive to provide impact to their campaigns with professional photographic imagery?
  • a need to reduce the strain on their business cashflow?

Benjamin Townsend Commercial Photographers can aid your business in developing suitable marketing plans and creative briefs. We can capture the photography that will effectively present your business products, services, and people to the customers waiting to discover you.

Ask us how we can assist in delivering you more customers, quality photography and marketing materials, and a reduction on cashflow stress. Speak to us now regarding our Small Business Specials and Payment Plans.

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