Post-Production & Retouching

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Photographic post-production retouching example dairy farm landscape

Post-Production & Retouching

Image capture is only the first step on the path to creating great photographic images.

Very rarely is the post-production stage seen directly by clients, yet it is vital in the creation of high-quality images.

Grades of Photographic Post-Production

Generally, the grade of post-production chosen is based upon the desired outcome of the image and the available budget. Photographs used for advertising may require many hours of retouching for each image. Photographs captured of an event may only require a minimum level of post-production.

The post-production services offered by Benjamin Townsend Commercial Photographers are delivered in three grades. Each successive grade increases in complexity and time involved, and the benefit to the finished image.

Please note; in order to maintain in-house quality standards, Benjamin Townsend Commercial Photographers always provide a minimum level of post-production. This means we are happy to hand images over to our clients, and our clients are happy with the results.

The 3 grades of photographic post-production and retouching are;

Grade 3 – High range

This level of photographic retouching can be open-ended depending upon intended image usage, client requirements, and budget. For a before and after example of photographic retouching, see our post here.

    • Huge variety of finishing options.
    • Custom corrections and adjustments.
    • Individualised and sophisticated retouching applied to image selections.
    • Processing through multiple software programs, including Adobe Photoshop as standard. Specialist software as required.
    • Close consideration paid to end usage needs.
    • Blending multiple images.
    • Extremely complex or highly detailed images.
    • Budget range $50 – $1000+ per image.
    • Typical commercial or advertising usage.

Grade 2 – Mid range

More involved image processing than Grade 1 for those who are still on a budget.

    • Individualised attention to image selections.
    • Custom colour correction, exposure, contrast, and lighting adjustments.
    • Budget range $30 – $50 per image.
    • Minimum recommended for typical commercial usages.

Grade 1 – Minimum delivery level

Whilst it is possible to provide images without even a basic level of photographic post-production, this then leaves all imaging decisions to the camera software. This offers little opportunity for fixing or creatively enhancing images. In many cases the camera is unable to handle complex lighting situations. In all cases the camera lacks the capacity to make an informed decision, as can be done by an experienced photographer during post-production.

    • Typical for batch-processing images.
    • Basic colour and exposure corrections.
    • Simple lighting and contrast enhancements.
    • Range of options, including custom file-naming, adding metadata, colour conversions, and more.
    • Budget range from, less than $1 up to ~$10 depending upon options.
    • Suitable for PR and event photography.
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