Creative Consulting

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Photographic & Creative Consulting

Benjamin Townsend Commercial Photography offers photographic and creative consultancy services.

Photographic consulting services are for those businesses that wish, or need to set up in-house photography and creative systems. They may need ongoing assistance, or simply help in setting up with suitable equipment, software, and training.

We also help businesses wanting to create more comprehensive marketing plans, by assisting the development of suitable creative briefs.

Creative Consulting Services

We are able to;

  • Research project options and feasibility. We generally have a good idea of what is possible. We know where to look to find further information for any creative or marketing project.
  • Provide advice on purchasing. Many businesses may need to purchase imaging equipment. We can discuss your business requirements and provide suggestions on the options that may be most suitable for your needs.
  • Develop creative briefs. Many businesses know they need good photography and marketing materials, but don’t know where to start. We can help develop your brief from the ground up, looking at elements that will be most useful or blend in effectively with existing marketing. We can then, of course, capture and deliver the finished images. Should your business seek a more comprehensive and long-term marketing plan, we can also assist.
  • Educating employees on technique or best methods. Many businesses utilise photography and imaging in an ongoing basis where it may not be cost effective to contract a professional for every project. We can aid your business through increasing the quality of images captured by your employees. We can also recommend processes that will save time in the management of those images.
  • Assistance in image processing. For those businesses that may have already captured some of their own photography. We can assist in the effective and creative processing of those images for web, print, or other usages.
  • Setting up in-house systems. Should you be looking at setting up an in-house studio or marketing area, we can lend our many years of experience to your project. This can range from initial setup and equipment recommendations, ongoing training of staff, or photographic lighting setting and image processing.

If you have any upcoming projects for which our Creative Consulting services may assist, please give us a call. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements.


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