Image Output

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What is Image Output?

Image output, as distinct from post-production, is the final stage in the delivery of your images.

Photos may be output as either digital, or physical products.

What are the Options for Image Output?

For photos that are to be supplied as digital files, the best option is to have them delivered at the size they are to be used, and prepared for the intended usage.

Your photos will look the best when they have been prepared for the specific use for which they are intended. The final stage of image output will involve a number of steps. These steps will be different for a photo to be used in editorial, to one being used for web, or one for an annual report.

There will of course be times where your designer may need to crop or re-size the image. If it is possible to have your photographer and designer speak with each other, image files can be supplied ready-to-go, thereby saving time and money.

The possibilities for output are;

Digital Delivery

    • Output to a variety of file format.
    • Images sized, cropped, and ready-to-go.
    • Web galleries.

Physical Delivery

    • Photographic prints.
    • Art quality, archival inkjet prints.
    • Printing to unusual materials or substrates.
    • Framing and display.



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