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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions we have been asked regarding our photographic services.

Please review the list, and should you have any questions not answered here, please contact us.


1. We require photography in locations outside of Sydney; are you able to travel?

We have completed briefs for clients around Australia and Internationally. We are able to travel wherever is required to capture the images you need.

2. What is the purpose of a "Brief"?

The "Brief" is in essence the outline of the photographic requirements of the job. A good brief will clearly state a description of the finished imagery being sought. This allows the photographer to effecgively determine technical, creative, and production requirements, as well as accurately quote on the project.

3. We are not sure where to begin with developing a "Brief". Can you help us?

Yes we can.

Developing a good brief will often start with asking why the images are being sought, and what is hoped to be gained capturing and eventually publishing the images. By considering these elements early on, we are able to reduce or eliminate unexpected factors appearing later in the project.

4. Do you do studio photography?

Whilst we do not operate out of a photographic studio, we work closely with a number of studios around Sydney. We are experienced in completing studio photographic projects including portrait, product, and food photography. 

5. Can you help organise and arrange a photoshoot?

For more complicated projects, considerable amount of pre-production may be required. Having worked on a broad range of photographic projects, we have experience in managing the variety of factors and people that may be required for a project. Should your project be very complicated, we can arrange a dedicated producer to work with us on the job.

6. Do you shoot fashion photography?

In general, no. We are however able to recommend a number of highly experienced and creative photographers that will be able to assist.

7. Our Company needs some portrait photos; do we have to come into a studio?

We are often able to shoot on location. We have professional photographic lighting equipment which we bring to your location, and can set up an "on-site" studio.

8. We want some prints made for our office; can you supply these?

We are able to produce photographic prints. We have the capacity on-site to produce high end art quality prints, and professional lab suppliers to deliver print products for more budget-sensitive projects.

Additionally, should your project require any other type of physical output, from DVD duplications to custom architectural panels or wallpaper, we can help.  

9. Can you design our brochures / website / annual report?

We work in close conjunction with an extended team of creative professionals. Speak with us regarding your requirements and we will show you how we can benefit your business.

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