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E-Commerce and Catalogue Photography

Photography for E-commerce requires not only knowledge and experience with photography, but also an understanding of the requirements for each sales platform.

Amazon, Etsy, eBay and others each have their own specifications for the output and display of your product photos. Uploading images with incorrect specifications can have a negative impact on sales, or even prevent your product from being listed.

Our Ecommerce Photography Services

We provide a variety of photographic services for E-Commerce from basic product photos through to full lifestyle packages.

  • Product photography
  • Addition of display and feature graphics to images
  • Lifestyle photography
  • Retouching product photos into stock imagery
  • The customised output of photos for each Ecommerce platform’s specific requirements

Platform Requirements

As an example, photography for Amazon needs to have the primary image on a white background. Ideally (for most listings) there should be a set of 9 photos that tell a story about your product and its features. Each of those images needs to be sized and cropped correctly according to Amazon’s specifications.

Similarly, when providing photography for eBay, Etsy or other platforms, each will have their own requirements for photography. In some cases, these specifications will overlap with other platforms. Knowing where and how will prevent wasted time and effort and allow the most efficient use of your product photography.

Not least of all, images can be prepared for your own E-Commerce website. Capturing great product photos is the first important step in boosting your sales. Correctly importing them and setting up for effective search optimisation is another. We can assist.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more or have a project you want to discuss with us, please send us an enquiry.

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