Commercial Photography

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Commercial Photography

What is Commercial Photography?

Commercial photography covers a wide variety of subject matter, however is generally anything that is intended for business usage.

This may cover anything from architectural images to food photography, or business portraits to aerial photography.

The end usages of photography are almost as varied as the subject matter. Websites, brochures, annual reports and advertising are just a few possible uses. Usages can extend however, into production of books, use in television programs or adverts, and even wallpaper or architectural design. View our extended post on the range of potential uses for commercial photography.

The Importance of Commercial Photography.

Providing a clear visual representation of a business or company is essential in the current market. The human brain is much more adept at absorbing visual information than written, or even verbal formats. Presenting your business visually will provide greater impact, especially when supported by quality design, copy and illustration.

Good photography is required to effectively promote or sell your business products, services, people, or ethos. This is where an experienced professional commercial photographer is vital.

Our Services.

Benjamin Townsend Commercial Photography has been providing commercial photographic services to clients for over 15 years. Our photographic services cover;

  • Location photography. Including architectural interiors & exteriors, industrial, construction, retail, food, and corporate / government work.
  • Studio photography, including food photography, product photography, business and corporate portraits, and advertising photography.
  • Photographic Lighting. Professional lighting equipment provides greater options for capture of imagery.
  • Timelapse Photography. Timelapse allows opportunities to display business services or processes in an alternative format. Learn more about timelapse.
  • Image Retouching and Post-Production. Capture is only the first stage in creating great images. Read more.
  • Image Output. From web-ready files, to hard copy prints. Full range of options. Read more about available options.
  • Photographic Consulting. Help setting up internal departments, purchasing recommendations, brief developments, and more. Learn more.
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