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Commercial Photographers About Us – or Who, What & Why

Who are we?

Benjamin Townsend Commercial Photographers are based in Sydney, Australia. We have been providing commercial photographic services to clients in Australia and internationally for over 18 years.

Benjamin Townsend is the senior photographer for the business.

His photographic journey began in the dark old days of film. This has given him a creative and technical understanding which provides an important base for delivering smart and effective imagery to businesses. The continuance of the journey into the world of digital has only expanded the capacity for providing professional and beneficial photography services to clients.

Working closely with an extended team of creatives, we are able to supply products and services that will aid in the sales, marketing, and advertising of any business.

What Drives Us?

As commercial photographers we are passionate about creating beautiful and effective images for business.

From architectural or industrial settings, to studio and food photography, we have created great images for many and varied clients.

Over many years we have gained skills and experience working across a wide range of industries. We have been able to utilise these experiences in providing solutions and delivering positive results to all our clients.

Why Photography?

Commercial photography provided Ben the perfect opportunity to blend his creative mindset, his logical and structured thinking, and his impressive background of technical skills into a comprehensive finished product. Our ability to listen carefully to a client’s brief and creatively interpret that into a successful outcome for their business is always enjoyable. The satisfaction of working with great clients on a challenging brief drives us to do what we do.

Want more?

If you have a project you are are working on, we would love to discuss how our services can benefit your business. Contact Us now for a friendly chat.

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