Business Portraits & Headshots

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Business Portraits & Headshot Photography

The importance of professional business portraits in today’s market should not be under-estimated.

Business portraits will often be the first appearance the people in your company will make to a potential customer or client.

First Impressions Count

Whether customers see your photo through social media, website, or more traditional print media, it is vital a good impression is made.

A good quality portrait or headshot will;

    • Build trust in your people and your brand.
    • Present a professional and inviting front to your business.
    • Put a face to a name and a voice.
    • Provide a memory prompt for people you have met or spoken with.

Please be careful with your portrait images. It is often better to have no photo at all, than have a poor quality portrait presenting your business image to the world.

Portraits vs Headshots

Whilst there is no specific boundary between the two terms, a “Headshot” is generally used to denote a more simple portrait.

Business headshots;

    • are often photographed against a white or lightly coloured plain backgrounds.
    • generally use a more simple lighting and posing setup.
    • provide an optimum way to photograph large numbers of employees for use on intranets, reports, and daily communications.
    • are useful in giving other employees a recognisable face, or a stepping off point for customer relations.
    • help create trust and cohesion within a business, and allow communication to happen more freely and clearly.
    • will have a lesser degree of post-production applied.
    • are a budget option.

“Portraits” on the other hand deliver more creative alternatives, though are a more detailed process.

Business portraits;

    • offer more creative options.
    • can involve specific locations, group photography, more detailed lighting and posing setups.
    • deliver images more typically used for external communication such as annual reports, editorial, or marketing materials.
    • are mostly created of management or specific individuals within the business.
    • will have a greater degree of post-production and retouching available to them.

Benjamin Townsend Commercial Photographers offer packages for both Business Portraits Photography and Headshot Photography. If you would like to investigate how easy it is to arrange business portraits for your company, please contact us now.

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